Report Terms & Conditions

By requesting delivery of a report, facsimile of a report, or verification of report data provided by EGL USA and/or Universal Gemological Services (the “Issuers”), the requesting party agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. The information contained in this report is the result of the examination and grading of the article(s) based upon the application of the system and testing equipment used by the Issuer at the time the article(s) is (are) examined. Gemstone grading is not considered a science, and opinions may reasonably vary depending on many conditions such as lighting, grading techniques, type and condition of equipment, and/or the ability and experience of the gemologist.

2. In regard to grading reports, each report is not a guarantee, valuation, or appraisal of any kind. Such a report shall not be regarded as a warranty, nor shall it be a recommendation of purchase of the gemstone described therein. The report represents the best professional opinion of this company. The Issuer is in no case responsible for differences that could occur by repeated evaluation and/or use of other standards, norms, methods, or criteria other than those chosen by the Issuer.

3. In regard to valuation reports, each report is meant only to estimate the approximate current retail asking price and/or replacement value of the item in the highest consumer retail market. When “MSRP” is listed as the retail price, it is meant to reflect the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for the item, as supplied by the manufacturer. The Issuer and its employees hold no responsibility for the accuracy of “MSRP” listings. Valuation reports are not intended for insurance purposes or other appraisal functions.

4. On all reports, the date of the report may not necessarily be the date of inspection or date of issuance.

5. All reports are supplied at the request of the purchaser and are issued for his/her exclusive use.

6. All reports and the name, trademarks, and logos of the Issuer shall not be used in whole or in part for advertising or promotion, nor may any of the aforementioned items be reproduced or used, even generically, as a guarantee or appraisal from the Issuer without express written permission from the Issuer.

7. The Issuer does not engage in purchasing, selling, or brokerage of gemstones or jewelry. The Issuer has no interest, past, present, or future, in the reviewed item. The fees charged are for the performance of grading and/or valuation only.

8. Neither the Issuer nor any of its employees or representatives shall be liable for any losses, expenses, or damages (including special or consequential damages), based upon any act, error, omission, inaccuracy, or any other fault of the Issuer or any of its employees or representatives, even if caused by negligence or other fault. In any event, any liability shall never extend to a party other than the purchaser and shall never exceed the cost paid by the purchaser for the report.